The Nest is like having your very own Head of Production just without the big expense.

Initial start-up

The Nest can help new companies start up from scratch.
Whether that be from searching and securing initial investment, writing up business plans or even setting up a new office or bank account. The Nest is there to ensure everything is done efficiently. 

Profit and Growth

The Nest can help you with your new / existing projects, by budgeting projects properly and liaising with the broadcasters directly. 
At Nest, we have key contacts with all the major broadcasters which ensures a smooth process as we understand what each of them require. We have a range of preferred suppliers who can supply anything from post production services to kit hire and carnets. We can also ensure that the company and productions are running smoothly from a finance perspective.

Project Managing

We keep your productions running smoothly.
The Nest ensures that all productions start-up with all the correct policies and procedures in place. For any on-going support us or our partners can give general business, legal affairs and HR advice. We can also directly line manage senior production management staff ensuring that the show is kept on budget and on schedule.
We can assist with securing Visas and rebates, location finding and putting in place key deals such as location access agreements to onscreen talent.

Duty of Care and Welfare Specialist

The Nest can advise on all duty of care and welfare issues,
including setting up protocols to ensure your company/production are always doing the right thing when it comes to welfare.

Talent Managing / People Finding

We can help people find for In-house permanent or freelance production roles.
This includes negotiating the deals and contracting people at the same time tackling diversity. Or maybe you are an Exec who needs advice about a job offer? We can help you negotiate the best package deal.